5 Australian Essential Oil Organic Products you can use as Gifts

5 Australian Essential Oil Organic Products you can use as Gifts

Essential oils are extracted from plants and used in aromatherapy to promote healing and wellness. They can also be used to treat minor ailments, boost energy, and even improve mood.

Bliss - Relaxing & soothing
Citrus. Feminine. Delicate. 
Designed to capture balmy evenings in Santorini, this fragrance feels like a gust of ocean air carrying notes of orange bloom, rose and vanilla.

Meet Bliss. Diffuse me with your favourite linen dress whilst you soak under the afternoon sun beaming through your window and feel your happiness grow or have an indulgent evening with your favourite healthy treat and Netflix series.
Choose if you:

  • Want to sooth your mind and nurture your soul.
  • Are seeking the feeling of inner peace.
  • Want to create happiness in your home.

Sanctuary - Cooling & refreshing
Sweet. Refreshing. Earthy

Designed to capture strolling barefoot through the tranquil Russian forest full of soaring, tall green trees. You take a deep breath relax your body and mind and when you look up through the leaves at the clear sky with the sun beaming down you smell freshness of green lime and the petitgrain woody aroma.

Meet Sanctuary. Perfectly paired with your comfy sweats or yoga gear for those relaxing days at home. An easy to diffuse scent when you finish those house hold chores and want to journal or mediate. All bases are covered with the crisp signature scent that offers a mild blissful effect to bring out your inner zen.
Choose if you:

  • Want to help support the emotions and lift the heart.
  • Seeking relaxation and to de-stress.
  • Creating a calm, sacred space.

Utopia - Calming
Sweet Floral. Zesty. Warm Tropical Tones
Inspired by the tropical heat of Cancun that arrests the senses. This electric fragrance will transport you to a balmy evening sitting by the pool in your tropical resort surrounded by vibrant palm trees. Tropical notes of sweet orange, ylang ylang and neroli that are sure to tease the senses.  

Meet Utopia. It is the staple black dress of your fragrance wardrobe. You can diffuse it anywhere & everywhere, in the office or on a romantic date night in. It’s versatile yet complex, but most importantly, Utopia never fails to deliver. No matter what time of day or task this masterful blend will help you find balance of emotions (strength & softness).
Choose if you:

  • Want to relax and unwind because you feel overwhelmed and anxious.
  • Feeling disconnected between mind and body.
  • Want to “switch off” from responsibility and enjoy life.

Paradise - Mood Boosting
Rich. Spicy. Dry

Designed to capture walking through Australia's vast, glimmering beaches with the soft sand between your toes inform this dreamy scent. The first inhale is an immediate mix of cool air and warm light, then you are hit with charming palmarosa, tangy mandarin and sensual myrrh.

Meet Paradise. From the boardroom to the home study overlooking the ocean, diffuse me at your desk at work or on those work from home days.. like your favourite blazer, instantly embodying your most confident and concentrated self.
Choose if you:

  • Want to boost focus and creativity.
  • Want to awaken your mind and feel a renewed sense of inspiration.
  • To renew energy, feel uplifted and clear your mind.

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