About Us

Hey there wellness lover! I’m Vika, the founder of VIKA Organic. 

Everybody wants to feel good right? After eight years of being on an organic/ wellness journey and countless hours of research I have created the VIKA Organic range of organic aromatherapy products. Products that help you feel good through better sleep, more energy, better mood and feeling calm when life becomes overwhelming. 

Over the past few years, the aromatherapy industry has had a heavy focus on 100% pure essential oils. Unfortunately, not all product labels represent the true quality of the contents of these oils. Many brands contained additives, fillers, or dilutions, and natural or artificial aroma components. These sub-par products may cause and exacerbate a multitude of adverse effects and health risks to us, our children and our pets.

After noticing significant headaches from these second-rate products, I strived to source organic and sustainable essential oils with unique fragrances that were exactly what was specified on the label and which would benefit and not hinder my health. However, my search came up empty handed. This was what propelled the creation of the VIKA Organic brand.

My family’s Belarusian village background reinforced my passion for organic products that were not treated with pesticides and herbicides, but were however just that, organic, naturally grown crop.

The entire Vika Organic range is 100% organic. This means that the products have been produced in the most ecologically sustainable/ holistic means of growing and handling plants i.e. plant or ingredients in the product have been grown, harvested, and processed without the use of pesticides, insecticides, fumigants, herbicides, fungicides, and synthetic chemicals. For you as a consumer, this means you are helping sustain the quality of our land for many generations to come and also helping reduce your interaction with synthetic chemicals by purchasing organic.

Our customers voiced they are grateful that our unique range does not give them headaches or other nasty side-effects, rather they are overjoyed in the high quality of the scents that leave them feeling peaceful and/or invigorated.

Whether you are new aromatherapy customer, or an existing essential oil lover, we invite you to try our VIKA Organic range, which we guarantee will leave you feeling refreshed and serene, and as if you’re on holiday right in your own home!

Our range of organic essential oils blends are created with the intent to inspire our customers to take a moment to stop, breathe and relax. 

We believe that less is more when it comes essential oils and simplifying the use of essential oils as much as possible to lower overwhelm and waste. Sustainability is part of our ethos and the reason why we encourage diluting your essential oils to make them go further and only restocking oils you use.

By purchasing the VIKA Organic range, you are better supporting the well-being of the ones dearest to you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I hope I have left you inspired to begin your own organic wellness journey with VIKA Organic. 


Vika xo