Our Values

VIKA Organic Wellbeing: Small Choices. Big Impact. 

100% organic fragrance to boost your wellbeing 

Our blended organic fragrances use only the best quality possible essential oils (without synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fillers) to give you true wellbeing benefits to help you sleep better, lift your mood, boost your energy or create calmness.

All of our essential oil blends not only smell heavenly but have also been created for their aromatherapy benefits. Discover how they work below.

essential oils and how they work with our sense of smell

Sustainable products that are good for people and the planet

At Vika Organic we keep sustainability of out mind with every product we develop. 

Your packaging has either been made with recycled materials and / or has been packed with reused packaging.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we make every effort to work with local suppliers in Australia.

We also ensure manufacturing is cruelty-free and our products vegan.


Travel inspired simplicity

VIKA Organic helps you optimise your wellness journey with our sustainable organic fragrances inspired by beautiful destinations. 

Our blends of essential oils have been crafted to create a scent that connects you to a holiday destination. Vika the founder was inspired by iconic travel destinations she had visited and the large amount of sustainable brands that focused on people’s wellbeing.Our products are hand crafted by the founder and all materials are sourced within Australia.

Our packaging and branding is simple / minimalistic designed to look beautiful.