Free your mind, free your life, with scented #VOmoments.

VIKA Organic is a community created to inspire us all to discover our daily ritual aka #VOmoment to feel confident, present and empowered. We make unique organic essential oil blends inspired by travel destinations to scent each of your wellbeing moments.

Organic . Eco-Friendly . Nontoxic . Vegan

Ethically Sourced and Hand Made in Adelaide, Australia

“75% of our daily emotions are influenced by smell”

— Rockefeller University

  • Organic

    We use nature's most precious elements and ensure they are organic (without synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fillers).

  • Travel Inspired Simplicity

    Our blends of essential oils have been uniquely crafted by creating a scent that connects you to a holiday destination, with luxurious packaging and branding.

  • Wellness

    Boost your wellness with
    our unique organic essential oil blends, helping you achieve a better sleep, less stress, a mood lift or more energy.

  • Small Choices. Big Impact

    Every small organic swap you make, makes a big impact on the plant and your health and wellness.

  • Australian Owned And Made

    In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we make every effort to work with local and ethical suppliers in Australia and handcraft our products in Adelaide.

  • Sustainable

    Your packaging has either been made with recycled materials and / or has been packed with reused packaging.

  • Cruelty Free And Vegan

    We also ensure manufacturing is cruelty-free and include vegan options.

  • Handmade In Small Batches

    All our products are made in small batches to ensure freshness of the ingredients used and the quality of the product is high.

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"All of the scents are gorgeous, I can't pick a favourite."

"Such great quality, I still can not get over how amazing my whole house smells with using these oils with a 'VIKA organic' diffuser. These oils are definitely "essential", I will be buying this pack over and over!"

Kristine G