Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body and Soul

Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body and Soul

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual for many people. It's a chance to declutter your home, clear out clutter in your life, and give yourself a fresh start. But spring cleaning doesn't just apply to physical spaces. Your mind, body, and soul also need a little TLC.

Think about your goals and what you wanted to do at the beginning of the year but haven't. Reflect on what matters most to you, set some small goals and prepare to put your plans into action. Think of this as a “mini New Year’s resolution” (you’ll be able to hit the ground running when January rolls around - you got this!). Put pen to paper and jot down some goals even just “Find ways to unwind and destress after work” or “Spend more quality time with family” then you can work on how to achieve these goals. Put on Vika Organic's Paradise essential oil blend in your diffuser to help you concentrate.

Take a Walk.
Walking is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood and clear your head. Studies show that walking reduces stress levels, improves sleep quality, and boosts energy. Plus, it's free!

Do Some Deep Breathing.
If you're feeling stressed out, try deep breathing exercises. They help calm your nerves and relax your muscles. Try taking slow, deep breaths through your nose while counting slowly to four. This technique will help you feel more relaxed and focused.Bliss is Vika Organic's best selling roll on blend to apply to your pulse points and then breathe in the citrus and feminine aroma to help boost your mood.

Meditation has been shown to improve focus, reduce stress, and even boost creativity. There are several different meditation techniques available, so pick one that works best for you. Start with five minutes a day and work up to 20 minutes as needed.

If you're looking for ways to relax, try these simple tips: Take a deep breath. Sit back and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Imagine yourself floating on a cloud. Let go of worries and concerns.

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